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Frecom engaged in support of education, science, technology, environmental protection and devolopment of the countryside various social public activities in order to thank and return society's concerns and support, also stems from years of accumulation of corporate social responsibility.Meanwhile, proactively engaged in supporting and carrying out power electricity science reseach& devolopment and environmental in response to promote the concept of sustainable development with the economic growth at the same time, maintain and improve the living quality of the public.
 We will produce green products, save earth rescource, comply with the regulation of environment and safety. promote ring Ann information, to achieve full participation, reduce the occupational risks, waste management, reduce the environment load, standardize the management of dangerous goods, develop the sport of zero disaster, continuous rectification, create a safe and hygienic environment.
 Frecom's mission is to abide by our social responsibility to customers, suppliers, partners, investors, employees, communities, and of the highest standard of moral practice, and provide security for our employees, excellent working environment, thus make positive contributions to global social and international environment.